Mt Wilga Private Rehabilitation Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Amputee Rehabilitation

The loss of a limb is an extremely traumatic experience, but our comprehensive treatment program following surgery will help you to return to living your best life possible and as independently as possible.

Your care is directed by a Rehabilitation Physician with the assistance of a medical officer. They have the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating your medical and rehabilitation care and liaise with your surgeon, GP and other specialists. You may also be referred when appropriate to a prosthetist who will cast and fit your prosthetic limb.

Your nursing team will encourage and assist you to achieve your optimal level of independence. Daily wound assessment and monitoring is essential and your nurse will work with you to ensure your stump is healing.

Your physiotherapy and exercise physiology team have experience, training and interest in amputees and prosthetics and work with you on;

  • Preparation of your stump for a prosthesis
  • Exercises and gym work to help strengthen muscles and improve balance
  • Gait and mobility training and education

Your occupational therapy team will assist you to reach your highest level of independence and quality of life and will involve practicing everyday life activities including;

  • Personal and domestic care activities
  • Energy conservation techniques
  • Return to work/driving and leisure
  • Home visits prior to your discharge to make recommendations on a safe environment

You may also be seen by our dietitian and psychologist if appropriate. You will be discharged when you reach your potential or no longer require nursing care. If you require support at home, this will be organised by your social workers and case managers prior to discharge. You may also be referred to a day rehabilitation or outpatient program to continue your rehabilitation journey.