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High Level Language Test

The Mt Wilga High Level Language Test is a popular screening tool used by speech pathologists in Australia and around the world in private practices, the community and in the hospital environment. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the test, the Speech Pathology Department at Mt Wilga Private Hospital have released a 2016 edition. Originally developed in 1986 by staff within the Speech Pathology Department, the test emerged from a need to assess clients who presented with mild language problems, generally four to six months post-onset. The caseload has broadened considerably since 1986 and now includes clients with a wide range of neurological conditions including stroke, acquired brain injury and progressive neurological conditions.

It is acknowledged that the Mt Wilga High Level Language Test is not standardised, and that reliability and validity are still to be investigated. A survey conducted by Vogel, Manruff and Morgan (2010) found that despite this, it is the most commonly used language assessment by Speech Pathologists providing care for stroke patients across Australia and New Zealand. The test therefore remains widely popular in the speech pathology community and has been acknowledged in the Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway, which is a set of care standards for aphasia management.

It is anticipated that the Mt Wilga High Level Language Test will continue to be revised further in the future to include updated test items to reflect a changing population as well as further research into subtests and norms. The test has been updated to further aid Speech Pathologists in their dynamic investigation of high level language skills and to assist in creating individualised client treatment plans.

To obtain a copy of the Mt Wilga High Level Language Test 2016 Edition, please send an email to