Mt Wilga Private Rehabilitation Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

How to Refer a Patient

We accept referrals from:

We accept referrals from other hospitals, medical specialists and general practitioners (download referral form).

We accept the following patients for admission:

  • Private Patients
  • Any patients with relevant hospital insurance cover. We will always confirm with your insurer prior to your admission if you are appropriately covered
  • Self Insured Patients
  • A quote will be provided to patients prior to admission
  • Workers Compensation/Third Party
  • Approval needs to be sought from the insurance company prior to admission
  • Veterans Affairs Patients (DVA)
  • Veterans and War Widows may be admitted to the hospital
  • CAFAT Patients
  • Patients from New Caledonia who have been approved for admission by their government healthcare authority

Contact Numbers for Referral

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Is suitable for people who require 24 hour medical and nursing care and are managed by a Rehabilitation Physician.

T: (02) 9847 5270
F: (02) 9847 5096

Day Program Rehabilitation

Is suitable for people who have established rehabilitation needs and are managed by a Rehabilitation Physician. Day program patients do not need the support of medical and nursing care. Many of our inpatients transition to our Day Program once they have gone home.

T: (02) 9847 5221
F: (02) 9847 5089

Ramsay Health Plus

Is suitable for people who have rehabilitation or discipline specific needs but do not require the services of a Rehabilitation Physician or multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team.

T: (02) 9847 5015
F: (02) 9847 5089