Mt Wilga Private Rehabilitation Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are between 10.00am and 7.00pm.

Due to the CoVid situation all visitors are required to complete a screening questionnaire on arrival and electronically register via a QR code. If you do not have a personal electronic device, one will be provided for you to complete the process.

If you do not meet the screening criteria, which may include display of physical symptoms, recent movements to known hotspots, or contacts with known cases you may not be allowed entry.

Strict social distancing is required when visiting and you are requested to maintain a distance of 4m2 at any one time.

Due to the changing situation, you may be requested to wear Personal Protective Equipment such as a mask (which can be provided to you) and there may be limits on number of visitors and/or length of visitation.