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Meet Vanessa Van Vliet, one of our Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

The Mt Wilga Lymphoedema clinic is proud to provide a service to women experiencing arm and chest oedema following breast cancer. Our clinic specialises in the management of chronic oedema; which means that we primarily look after women with established swelling in the arm or chest/breast following breast cancer. Our outpatient service also provides early intervention for women who have had lymph nodes removed following breast cancer treatment and are monitoring for signs and symptoms of lymphoedema.

A typical program for a patient with chronic arm lymphoedema would involve a one-to-one assessment with a lymphoedema therapist. A general social history is taken along with a measure of Quality of life. We take circumferential measures to compare the size of the affected limb to the unaffected limb. We also use the SOZO machine to take a bio-impendence measure (this is a measure of the limb’s resistance to a low frequency current. The less fluid the greater the resistance). Most importantly we determine how it is that the swelling is impacting on the individual’s activities of daily living and from there determine goals for treatment.

Lymphoedema treatment at Mt Wilga consists of manual lymphatic drainage, application of negative pressure, use of sequential intermittent pneumatic compression (pumps), laser and application of compression bandages. Once the limb has reduced in size the patient is fitted with a compression garment that maintains the volume and shape of the limb. The lymphoedema team works closely with the exercise physiology team who provide exercises that focus on decongestion of the limb for the patient.

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Vanessa Van Vliet