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Being diagnosed with a complex, chronic condition, such as Parkinson’s disease, can cause stress and confusion for you and your loved ones. At times, you may feel out of control and not know where to turn for help. 

Having access to care and support from a skilled, multidisciplinary team of health professionals can help to improve your outcomes. That’s why Ramsay Health Care has implemented a Parkinson’s disease program based on best current evidence.

At Mt Wilga Private Hospital our team are LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG® certified.

The Ramsay Health Care Parkinson’s Disease Program can help you:
  • Improve your symptoms and enhance your quality of life.
  • Maintain an optimal level of physical functioning, at home and in the community.
  • Improve your ability to participate in everyday activities such as walking, standing up, doing the shopping and driving.
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing and promote your independence.
  • Feel empowered to take control and self-manage your condition and reduce your need to visit hospital and other medical services.

The program has been specially designed for people with Parkinson’s disease or Parkinsonian symptoms who are motivated to take control of their health.

You may be eligible to participate if:

  • you are in the early-to-moderate stages of Parkinson’s disease
  • you have Parkinsonian symptoms for a reason other than Parkinson’s disease (e.g. permanent medication side effects or another neurological disorder)
  • you have been assessed by your medical team and they think you may benefit from the program

4-week Parkinson’s Program                                                                                       

An intensive, multi-therapy and education program run on 4 days of the week over 4 weeks.

During the program, you will have access to a physiotherapist/exercise physiologist, speech pathologist and an occupational therapist.

Each day, you will undertake:

  • one 60-minute, individually tailored physiotherapy or occupational therapy treatment session.
  • one 60-minute speech therapy sessions, aimed at improving and maintaining speech volume and clarity.

Once a week, you will participate in a 60-minute small group therapy session which will address your nutritional, emotional and practical supportive needs.

You may also receive home practice activities to complete throughout the program.

Group programs may not be suitable for all people. If this is the case, you may be eligible to participate in an individual multidisciplinary program, designed to suit your specific needs. Your treatment team or a Rehabilitation Physician will discuss if an individual program is best for you.

LSVT LOUD® is an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and other neurological conditions. LSVT LOUD® improves vocal loudness by stimulating the muscles of the voice box (larynx) and speech mechanism. The treatment improves respiratory, laryngeal and articulatory function to maximise speech intelligibility.

The principles of LSVT LOUD ® were also applied to limb movement in people with Parkinson’s. LSVT BIG ® is an intensive and complex treatment with repetitions of core movements used in daily living. It has shown improvements in amplitude (trunk rotation/gait), improved speed (upper/ lower limbs), balance and quality of life.

The Parkinson’s Disease Program is classified as a Day Rehabilitation Program. Your private health insurer may have an arrangement with Ramsay Health Care to fund this program. If this is the case, there will be no additional out-of-pocket cost to you.

If this is not the case, you will be given the option to self-fund the program.


To get started, please complete our expression of interest form and your program coordinator will be in touch with our program schedule and discuss your suitability. Click here to register your interest 

You will require a referral from your doctor, this could be a GP, gerontologist, neurologist or other medical specialist. 

Before you are enrolled in the program, you will be assessed by a multidisciplinary team of medical and allied health specialists to ensure the program is suitable for you. 

Read more about the Ramsay Health Parkinson’s Program in our program flyer here

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If you or someone you care for suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, at times, you may feel out of control and not know where to turn for help.

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