Mt Wilga Private Rehabilitation Hospital
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Private hospitals vital to Australia’s health

Jun 15, 2016

“Private hospitals are a key part of the Australian healthcare system, offering easy access to high quality care that keep Australians well. ” says Lorrie Mohsen CEO of Mt Wilga Private Hospital.

“Healthcare matters to Australians this election and it matters to us,” she said. “At Mt Wilga we take pride in our contribution to keeping our community well and being here when they need us to help them get back on their feet. Mrs Mohsen said the hospital was particularly proud of its reputation as a dedicated Rehabilitation hospital and Day Therapy centre.

“As our population age, pressure on the health system will continue to grow. We need good solutions to the health care puzzle and we look forward to hearing more from local candidates about their policies,” she said.

Mt Wilga Private Hospital has been serving its local community for over 60 years and each year cares for nearly 2250 people. Mt Wilga provides rehabilitation services for people who are recovering from illness, accident and surgery and specialise in neurological, orthopaedic, older person, cardiac and cancer rehabilitation and Lymphoedema management.

Mt Wilga is just one of over 600 private hospitals providing services around Australia. In 2014-15, more than 4 million Australians were treated in a private hospital – about 40% of all patients.

“Private hospitals take on the lion’s share of elective surgery in Australia. More than half of all surgeries happen in private hospitals, including about half of all heart procedures. Almost half of chemotherapy is delivered privately while 75% of eye procedures occur in the private setting.

“The non-surgical benefits provided by hospitals is also well evidenced. About 70% of patients admitted for rehabilitation after a joint replacement, a neurological event or surgery are in a private rehabilitation setting. The value of high quality rehabilitation in keeping people well and out of hospital in the longer term requires greater recognition.”

“Without the private system taking the pressure off public healthcare by providing all of these services quickly, professionally and with the best available technology, the Australian health care system would suffer.” she said.

For more information contact Lorrie Mohsen, CEO 9847 5000.