Mt Wilga Private Rehabilitation Hospital
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Mt Wilga Private Hospital specialist Grace,  Woon Su Leong

Dr Grace, Woon Su Leong

Dr Grace Leong has been a Visting Medical Officer (VMO) at Mt Wilga Private Hospital since 2012. Dr Leong has regular outpatient clinics, all supported by vibrant outpatient, day and in-patient multidisciplinary programs and Mt Wilga’s solid reputation in delivering excellent evidence based rehabilitation. Dr Leong also has consulting and admitting rights at Royal Rehab Private Hospital.  Dr Leong’s sub-specialty interests include lymphoedema, spinal cord injury and neurological rehabilitation, with expertise in oedema, bladder, bowel, sexuality, fertility, spasticity and pain management.


Dr Leong obtained her medical degree at the University of New South Wales with honours, and a rehabilitation fellowship (FAFRM, RACP) in 2006.  Dr Leong spent 2 years in research at Royal North Shore Hospital, looking at developing reproducible assessments in spinal cord injury impairment and function. She has been involved in multiple research projects since then as well as quality improvement projects.  She has presented at local conferences and workshops on topics of sexuality, pressure injuries, non-traumatic spinal cord injury and assessments in spinal cord injury function. She has authored a few resources for the Agency of Clinical Innovation on sexuality and fertility after spinal cord injury.  


Dr Leong also currently works in the public sector at Royal Rehab as a senior staff specialist in spinal cord injury and the Deputy Director of Medical Services.  She has a passion for teaching rehabilitation trainees. Dr Leong hopes to maintain a balanced practice of private, public, teaching and academic roles.